Busy And Loving It: Actress Eva Adonoo Talks About Her Upcoming Projects

Actress Eva Adonoo is one of the busiest actresses in the movie industry and now, the actress is eagerly looking forward to the release of her upcoming film Diaboress, where she stars opposite ace actor Kofi Adjorlolo.

“I had fun playing the role seeing men crawling at my foot like that felt normal but funny and emotional at some point considering the fact that I'm a soft person and don't like to see others suffer . But in this instance I had to punish all the men one by one.

It made it a bit challenging but hey then again fun. Having being the boss and in charge as well" says Eva while adding, “My character was about a lady who tricks men who are womanizers and have played other innocent girls. I deceive the men into falling in love with me and then I deal with them".

Eva is no stranger on the lists of celebrity actresses in the country. After practically growing up on the incredibly successful Ghanaian movie Cheaters book 2 by Venus films production, the young actress has been placed into the limelight for quite some time. But with one look at Eva’s upcoming projects, it’s easy to see that the starlet will be gaining even more attention in the year to come.

The beautiful actress has masters in business administration from the university of Northampton UK and currently works with one of the financial institute in Ghana.

"I am enjoying both career and haven't faced any challenges. I schedule my time well for work" she newsybase.com in an interview.

She's best known for movies like Cheaters book 2 by Venus films production, Eclipse of Maame Serwaa by Neat films production, Casper's energy produced by Cine-god studios, Five brides also by Venus films production and the yet to be release Diaboress by Lion Scope films.

As to whether she expects some recognition in the various movie awards both at home and international, she responded: “Awards make actors feel appreciated for their works and also motivates us to do more so it's one hell of a great move. Aside the passion for doing movies getting an award for my work will make me feel so good. Success is like an iceberg you know? So yes I'll keep working hard for an award"

The actress believes acting has really paid off for her. According to her, she had the opportunity meeting and dinning with a few well connected individuals in the country and in the UK and also featured in a short film in the UK last year. She said the reception from people was flattering.

She also revealed she will be giving others the opportunity to also showcase their God given talents by producing her own movie later in the year collaborating with cine-god studios.