Ankaful Leprosy General Hospital Gets New Accident And Emergency Block

Ankaful Leprosy General Hospital in the komenda Edina Eguafo Abram (KEEA) in the Central Region gets a new Accident and Emergency Block.

The Medical Superintendent of the Hospital Dr. Ekow Amankrah-Otabil said the wards were built due to the outbreak of Ebola in the West Africa and was to have an isolation ward to curtail the epidemic.

Giving a historical account about the hospital, he noted that it began as a leprosarium in 1951, when Ghana leprosy control and survey unit moved from Fort St. Jago in Elmina which is now a Leprosy/General Hospital serving as the municipal hospital in KEEA.

Speaking at the commissioning of a new Accident and Emergency Block at the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abram in Elmina, Dr. Otabil added that "Leprosy as a disease is not one of burden now as its no more of public health significance because the numbers are within the WHO accepted target for elimination which is one /less per 10,000 population, he said, at the end of 2016 we had a total of 285 cases on register nationwide giving us a prevalence rate of 0.1/10,000 population, 291 new cases were also registered (nation)."

He further explained that the major challenge is the deformities associated with the disease which result from nerve damage and its associated stigma.

He also gave a brief account about the nature of the disease saying leprosy starts as a harmless looking skin patch and so he urged people to seek prompt treatment for any skin lesion for a proper diagnose.

He also appealed for assistance stating that the hospital is characterized with challenges such as inadequate staff and inadequate accommodation among others.

"Non-payment of the NHIS claims has affected the smooth running of the services which payment where only made in March 2016, April 2016, to date no payment have been made," Dr. Otabil stated.