Korle Lagoon Ready For More Rains As Dredge Masters Complete 80% Of Work (PHOTOS)

On June 3, 2015, Ghana was draped in a tragic disaster that claimed the lives of over 100 people. The disaster was caused by both fire and flooding and it was for this reason, that Dredge Masters, a subsidiary of the Zoomlion Group of Companies, was contracted by government to clear drains to avoid similar occurrence in the future.

Communications Manager of Zoomlion, Mr. Robert Coleman disclosed to Peacefmonline.com in an interview that Dredge Masters is prepared to tackle perennial flooding that has been troubling Ghanaians during rainy seasons.  

“In 2015, a lot of people died after a heavy downpour. For this reason, we searched for equipment to dredge and desilt the Odaw drain and Korle lagoon.

A lot of works has been done and today, the drain is in a better shape and could receive more rain water than it could in previous years”, he said.

Mr. Robert Coleman added that if Dredge Masters hadn’t taken the step to free the flow of water in drains and the lagoon, Ghana would have continued to experience the same problem.

“80% of the work has been done. When you look at the desilted materials that has been cart to the final disposal site, it is very huge…if you have all those materials deposited in the drains, certainly when it rains, and we are going to have problems”, he said.

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