Dag Heward-Mills Reveals How God's Judgment Will Be

The founder and Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International Dag Heward-Mills, has revealed to Christians at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) on how God judgment will be in future.

"This judgement is going to be based on one thing and you better read the scripture carefully." He cautioned the audience.

The evangelist said, “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was a stranger and you took me in. I was sick and you visited me, I was naked and you clothed me……”

“And the righteous will say we never see you before. When and how did it happen? The King will explain, every time you were blessing my brethren, I was considering that you were doing it to me." He told the gathering.

"So depending on your logic you can either say judgement is going to based on how you treat the poor, how you treat the sick, those imprison and so forth." Heward-Mills revealed to the public.

The Ghanaian Evangelist and theologian therefore called on the Christians at the University community to live a decorous life ahead of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

In one of his numerous sermons of Healing Jesus Campaign at UCC, he admonished the University community that the holy Bible is the final arbiter of truth and for this reason the Bible must be placed on the right hand side and the rest of the books on the left hand side in all endeavours.

The prolific author and conference speaker advised the youth that the way one spent the first 25 years of life will affect the next 45 years. Christians therefore have to live as such. According to a report by Maxwell Attah of Cape FM, the crusade saw the attendance of thousands of people from the university and its surrounding communities.

The healing Jesus campaign has brought Spiritual liberty to many attendants as well as physiological healing from Health related problems including fibroid adenoma, blare vision among several others.