Comment: When Will Bawku Know Peace?

Will peace ever come to Bawku? When will the people in this area see reason to bury their difference, unite and forge a common goal of developing this town? When will those fanning the mayhem be exposed and dealt with accordingly? These are, but a few questions that are agitating the minds of most peace-loving- Ghanaians. The latest clashes between the two feuding factions in Bawku, Mamprusis and Kusasis last Sunday, in which three people were reported dead with several others injured, is indeed, sad and mind boggling. Two of the three persons so far killed, were reported burned into ashes at Zubugu, a suburb of Bawku. The police have so far arrested 29 people in connection with the violence. The Times newspaper condemns in no uncertain terms this latest incident, especially, at this time in our history when the country is trying to woo investors to open up the north for development. It is, important, to remind ourselves, that it is only in an atmosphere of peace that developments can thrive. Investors who are interested in doing business in this part of the country may be worried about lack of peace in the area. Again, it is important to remind those who are sitting in the comfort of their homes in large towns and cities and fanning this unnecessary dispute to stop their nefarious acts. These selfish and wicked individuals ought to know that at the end of the day, it is only when peace prevails that they can carry through their message of development. What a shame, that with this vast fertile land and other natural resources, people in the northern part of the country still wallow in abject poverty! Is it not a pity that all the young men and women in the area, drift to the south to do menial jobs, when in actual fact they should have been at home tilling the land to produce food for themselves and the nation. It is on this basis that the Times advises that the people should be more concerned about improving their lot rather than continuing with a crisis that is only pushing them further into the woods. Those people who have made themselves ready tools for exploitation by the so called affluent and politicians in the area should ask themselves how many children of these leaders are actually in the front-line of this conflict. The Times, believes that when resources that are meant to improve the quality of life of the people, are dissipated on conflict, there will be very little left for development, and that is why we call on Ghanaians to take a sober reflection on the circumstances leading to this ritual conflicts in the Bawku area and search for a lasting solution. In this exercise, the whole nation is obliged to offer a helping hand.