Mother Dumps Baby In Gutter

A young woman has allegedly dumped her day-old baby into a gutter at Krofrom, a suburb of Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital.

The naked toddler was found dead and lying in the dirty and stinking gutter by some residents in the area Friday morning.

The mother (name withheld), who is believed to be 19 years old, is currently at the hospital receiving treatment for excessive bleeding.

She is reported to have dumped the baby in the big gutter a few minutes after she had safely delivered the baby at home Friday dawn.

Brother Atta, a unit committee member in the area, said the young mother collapsed through bleeding after she had purportedly dumped the toddler into the gutter.

Borother Atta said the suspect secretly dumped the kid into the gutter under the cover of darkness and so nobody spotted her.

The chilly weather condition in that early morning perhaps, contributed to the passing to eternity of the baby, the unit committee member, noted.

Patrick Kwame Frimpong, Krofrom East assemblyman, said the matter had been reported to the police who are investigating it.

He said the young mother is a junior high school (JHS) student who failed to show who had put her in the family way.

According to him, the young woman gave birth to a male at home Friday dawn when inhabitants of the house were asleep.

Mr Kwame Frimpong said some residents in the area spotted the lifeless baby in the gutter so they became suspicious that the teenager was the culprit.

Some of the people rushed to the young woman’s house but before they could confront her, she had collapsed due to excessive bleeding after the delivery.