I Promise Ghanaians 'Delta Force Attacks Won't Happen Again' - Sam Payne

The Ashanti Regional Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sam Payne has assured Ghanaians the party won't allow any private vigilante group to perpetrate any wrongdoing in the government.

According to him, the era where vigilante groups take the laws into their own hands and physically assault people or vandalize property will come to an end under the current administration.

He believed the group over-reacted, however he wouldn't just condemn the group without making reference to some incidents that happened during the erstwhile Mahama regime.

He alluded to some acts by some vigilante groups in the opposition NDC which equally carried out savage attacks with impunity, during the era of former President John Dramani Mahama.

He therefore questioned what moral ground the opposition party members have to criticize the government over the Delta Force brouhaha.

Nonetheless, Sam Payne condemned the barbaric act by the group.

Speaking on Peace FM's Kokrokoo, he promised such vigilante group action is "not going to happen again though it may have embarrassed us for the past one week . . . I know after today, they will find nothing to say after they’ve talked about it because it won’t happen again. It’s a promise and I stand by my pledge that it’s never going to happen again.”