Where Is Manasseh Azure Awuni?

Politics and political critique in Ghana always seem one sided. This assertion is true because when the NDC was in power from January 2009 to January 2017, there were vociferous journalists like Manasseh who never gave the NDC rest.

I remember reading in one of Manasseh' s folders where he promised to criticize the NPP government in equal measure when need be.

Since the NPP came into power, I also remember reading just two articles from Manasseh' s that was directed at Parliament for the way Hon. Suhuyini was treated when he asked some questions during vetting.

The other was when President Akuffo Addo was alleged to have plagiarized in his maiden speech during his investiture. After this Manasseh seems to have gone to sleep.

Can Manasseh Azure Awuni come out boldly this time and write about the acts of vigilantism and the galamsey menace in Ghana and the swearing to poison oneself if Ibrahim Mahama is not jailed. Where is Manasseh?

He would have put pen to paper and President Mahama or any other NDC member unprintable names when they coughed. Where is Manasseh? He would have used the alibi, I don't hate northerners or the NDC party but I hate incompetent an incompetent leader from the north who seem not to have an idea about governance.

Where is Manasseh?He would have written, I am the watchman's son from Bongo and raised up in ketecrachi who sat in the same class with people from Accra and beat them hands down in their first exams at the school of journalism.

To show how intelligent Manasseh is , he should put pen to paper to beat the finance minister and the Veep on the issue of the 2billion domestic bond.

Is Manasseh hiding or gone into hibernation after he was heavily critiqued on social media after he criticized African leaders for holding the Africa Investment Forum in Switzerland?

Can Manasseh 'man up' and prove to us lovers of his famous Manasseh's folder that he is worth his salt and can not be cowed into submission or oblivion just by reaction to his post on social media.

Or is Manasseh not talking any more because he is eating, because they say it is bad manners to talk whilst eating in Africa?