Radio Presenter Bounced At Passport Office Because Her Dress Was Short (PHOTO)

Our passport office must have some pretty ridiculous rules as radio presenter and tv host Caroline Sampson was bounced when she went to the office to take a picture for her passport processing.

According to Caroline Sampson, she was not allowed to take the passport picture because her dress was short.

She tweeted with a picture of the dress she wore to the Passport office to take the picture.

Interestingly, she is not the first person to have experienced that.

Others also tweeted that they had been bounced also before for similar dressing issues.

We are equally surprised because her dress is not that short and moreover the passport picture would just be her head to the shoulder area.

They don’t take full pictures, so why this ridiculous excuse?

tweet below-

I go to the passport office at ridge to take a picture and they don't allow me in. Why? My dress is short

11:24 AM - 28 Apr 2017

Nana 👑 @evey_x
Last time I was there I had on a bodycon dress with a kimono to cover up.1 policeman told me if he'd seen me earlier, he wld have sacked me.

Rekia @CiCiheartsyou
Passport office has a dress code as you will have it, ripped jeans aren't allowed either. The security make the rules. 
12:41 PM - 28 Apr 2017