The Hypocrisy Of The Ghanaian Culture And Customer Service

The service culture of any organisation has the potential of either improving or destroying the organisation.

Quality services to clients and consumers of products and services make them feel that they are being cared for and appreciated. Such great services also lead to the development of long-term relationships that give the business more than just making a onetime sale.

It has also been realised that good business reputation which is key to the growth of every organisation is largely achieved through good customer service, this is because, clients have what it takes to make and unmake any organisation.

Repeat business is usually not accidental, it comes about because of relationships and customer satisfaction. Customers who feel appreciated will always come back and also refer your company to others. This explains why some companies are very profitable even though they do not advertise their customers are their advertisers.

How can one improve upon customer service?

Engaging well with clients, prospects and relations is a sure way to increase customer satisfaction which helps to build rapport and lasting relationships. Offering good customer service involves politeness and professionalism in how clients are dealt with and treated. Further, knowing the needs of your clients make you give them the best form of service which solves their problems and gives them the satisfaction they desire.

Ghana is known generally to be a friendly and hospitable country. As Ghanaians we take pride in being hospitable and accommodating towards foreigners and visitors to our homes and country. However, this does not reflect in how we interact with customers as well as our attitude towards work and business. The perception of a good customer service varies from one person to another and sometimes depend on the personality of clients and their attitudes and experiences. Customer service can make or break your reputation as an organization.

Have we ever thought of how much the country loses because of poor customer service?

As a country, we have lost a lot of income through bad customer service; example is the transport industry, banking, and hospitality industry just to mention a few. Client service staff mostly feels they are doing the customer a favour, forgetting that they exist because of the customer who keeps them in business by patronizing and paying for their goods and services. Individuals who know what they are about always look for alternative avenues to spend their money when they are not treated well.

We need to improve upon our customer service; but how?

As a people, there is the need for us to work on our general attitudes towards others; we need to learn to treat people equally irrespective of how they appear or who we perceive them to be. We must be more serviceable, and treat others as we wish to be treated.

Large Institutions and establishments as well as small and medium scale enterprises must make it a policy to train their staff from time to time on human relation skills as well as customer service and how it benefits the company. Organizations that invest in training and upgrading of staff and systems on the importance of good relationship building with clients smile at the end of the day, because it pays a great deal.

It is high time customers demand to be treated better; generally, we just let go even when we are not happy with a service. We must report front desk persons, sales persons, tellers and other attendants to their superiors if we expect to receive better treatment the next time.

Citizens must also be educated from time to time to know their rights and demand what is due them. These may necessitate law suits, fines, penalties, withdrawal of licenses among others to ensure the rights of citizens are protected.

If we are hospitable Ghanaians, then we must be hospitable business people.


Etornam James Flolu

Customer service coach

Eltor Ghana.