Encounter Moment Series With Felice Garr: LATENESS TO CHURCH

Almost everyone I know arrives on time for their flight at the airport. In fact, when the plane is taking off at 11:00pm, the person will be at the airport by 7:00pm, wow!

That's how much people value travelling overseas!! But on a Sunday morning when Church has long begun that's when you see men and women with 'swag' moving like a wounded tortoises to Church.

They know they are late, but they just want show off their new Armani suits and the latest Michael Kors bags. Church starts at 7:00 or 8:00am, but people will come at 10:00am, why?

They think praise and worship is old school? If you should call or text them on Monday at 5:30am, you'll realise they are already on their way to work with some even at work already.

Know this today, anytime you go to Church late, you telling God you don't value your time with Him. Yet you want Him to meet your needs in a timely fashion.

What does it mean to arrive late to Church 1) Disrespect to Christ 2) Disregard of the Church and the servants of God 3) Interruption and disruption of an eternal Program Now consider all these carefully.

Remember, Eternity's Flight is not a flight taking you to overseas. It's a flight taking you to Heaven. Don't miss it! Let those who have eyes read this message and heed to this. God bless

About Felice GARR

Being blessed with an anointed prophetic ministry for the last few years, FF Garr has been a blessing in the lives of many. With a strong prophetic mantle, he has touched lives and unlocked mysteries in the destinies of many lives around the world. He is the Head Pastor of Christ Power Encounter International Ministry ( Encounter Chapel ).

FF Garr is a passionate speaker with a strong desire to promote the prophetic move of God across the world.

He is also a prophetic voice in this end time and a most sought after preacher whose ministry has taken him to many nations; a multi-faceted man with many gifts of the Holy spirit.

His message centers on Jesus, the Holy Ghost, grace, deliverance, prosperity, discipline, and order in the Body of Christ. His very life is a testimony and hope for the hopeless.

Born into a very poor family and with low educational background, he has been able to hold on to the altar and these challenges could not limit his capabilities.

He was broke, rejected, misunderstood, homeless, disgraced and disregarded for many years, but God changed his story.

He has a strong passion for the poor, the hopeless and the helpless. Thus, he aims at equipping people to discover their calling and giftings. His heart desire is to see people share their testimonies to the glory of God.


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