Arrest Illegal Miners Threatening To Go Into Armed Robbery - Lawyer

The government has been admonished to crack the whip on individual illegal/ scale miners threatening to engage in some unscrupulous businesses while plans are underway to provide them alternative sustainable jobs.

Over five thousand people across the country have been halted from engaging in illegal mining which they claim is their only source of their livelihood due to its harmful effects on the environment.

Affected individuals have appealed to government to get them other money-fetching jobs despite assurances from government to find alternative jobs for them.

Security experts have warned that the affected miners could resort to other forms of illegitimate businesses as their source of livelihood if no jobs are provided immediately.

But a private legal practitioner, Dina Adu Dankwa has admonished President Akufo-Addo to ignore such threats from the miners and be firm in fighting the menace.

“Institutions have to be seen to be running and measures have to be put in place to change Ghana. If I am the President now and I think what people will do will go against me in the next four years, I will not have the political will so whatever is going to help the nation I will not push it”, she observed on Ultimate FM.

“If these people are saying they are jobless now, they can go into farming, driving and many other things than going into illegal business” Lawyer Dina Adu Dankwa advised.

“If these illegal miners are threatening to vote against government because they have been refused the opportunity to go back into illegal mining, then the law should deal with them for engaging in such businesses”

She therefore asked government to reprimand anyone caught destroying the environment to serve as deterrent to others.