“Denim Dance” Mirror Ball Christens Spadana!

Despite grey skies last Friday May 26th the Mirror Ball, Ghana’s premium old school entertainment platform took another spin for the first time at Spadana restaurant & bar in Osu behind the old Russian Embassy and opposite Akai House. 

The sixth season of the event was outdoored in the usual and classic ambience that guests have become accustomed to as the iconic Mirror Ball suspended high above the entrance of the premises sent round hundreds of circles of light communicating to all in sight of its bright beams that a serious party was going down.

By midnight the sixth season of the event was well under way after doors opened at 10 pm and the large lounge with its beautiful ceilings and arches was filled with the white tops and blue denim jeans that define the “Denim Dance” theme. 

The complimentary bandana in your choice of colour was a nice accessory and the excitement of guests was very evident as they took passionately to the dance floor in a worthy display of the old school dance moves that were prompted by DJ Blow’s selections.   

Life these days can be very stressful and there truly is no other event that helps one celebrate the good old days like the Mirror Ball in the company of fine people. 

With the residents of our lonely planet experiencing such unprecedented times, an event of this caliber is very necessary for a human being who seeks the soothing peace and tranquility that resides in the best memories of the yesteryears. 

The next month’s event which is themed “Polo Play” will be on the very last day on Friday June 30th.  The Mirror Ball is brought to you by Tag Team and Spadana bar & restaurant and is supported by Starr 103.5 FM