I Don’t Date Stars- Vicky Zugah

Actress Vicky Zugah has denied getting attracted to famous men in the entertainment industry.

“I’m not attracted to popular guys, I didn’t know where these names came from. At the time Coded wasn’t this big. Most of these people as at the time of dating, weren’t popular,” Vicky told Delay.

The actress recently opened up on her experience with a number of ex-boyfriends who are celebrities but refused to admit that they were popular. She said her dating with stars was coincidental.

According to her, at the time of dating them they were not in the limelight as it’s been reported by a section of the public.

When asked about what she looked out for in the men she dated, Vicky replied, “I don’t look at physical features but love.”

The host of the show, Delay, stopped the interview, abruptly describing Vicky Zugah as a “hypocrite and a pathological liar”.

“Vicky Zugah is beautiful and a good friend but I think you’re a pathological liar. Everything you said to the public about your baby daddy, Bolt and actor Leo Mensah is all fake and you must be disregarded,” Delay said.

Vicky Zugah on the same show in November 2015 told Delay what binds them (herself and Adrian Bolt Lewis) together is a genuine feeling.

When asked if she will get Bolt’s name on her body, she said, “If he wants it, I’ll do it but if we break up, I’ll not clean the tattoo. At least for making impact on my life.”

On the same interview, Vicky Zugah told the host that the tattoo which bears the name of her ex-boyfriend, Adrian Bolt Lewis, has been cleaned because they are no more dating.

According to Delay, she has always defended the actress anytime she raised alarm on her abuse, but says she regrets supporting her because she’s not a truthful and trustworthy friend.

“I’m just tired of her lies, Vicky says something in the past and later pretends she’s unaware of the situation. Even on my show, she confirmed having a tattoo of her Sierra Leone boyfriend, Bolt on her body, but denied ever saying that,” Delay lamented.

Meanwhile, Vicky Zugah has recounted how she was severally beaten by her lovers and suffered bruises on her face, making it difficult for family members, friends and individual to recognise her.

She mentioned three men she has dated within the past four years namely, DJ Cash, Leo Mensah aka Ntoatoahene and recently Sierra Leonean representative for Big Brother Africa – The Chase, Adrian Bolt Lewis, and she confessed that all three of them abused her physically.

The mother of two also revealed that her worst domestic violence experience was when she had a broken arm and a bruised face after serious abuse by one of her ex-boyfriends.