Teachers, Lawyers Impregnating Teenagers In Central Region – MPs

Members of Parliament (MPs) have bemoaned the increasing spate of teenage pregnancy among some students by their teachers and other professionals including lawyers and engineers.

According to the MPs, stiffer punishments must be meted out to culprits, most especially teachers who take advantage of their vulnerable female teachers and impregnate them.

Their concerns follow a statement on the floor of parliament by Gomoa Central MP Naana Eyiah who decried the increasing number of teenagers being impregnated by teachers in schools in the Central Region and the country at large.

Contributing to the discussion in parliament on Wednesday, 28 June, 2017, Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem MP Samuel Atta Mills gave a breakdown of the professionals that impregnate young students.

He said that from “July to December 2016 there were 5,106 pregnancies and of the pregnancies, from ages 13 to 15 there were 430 pregnancies. From 16-19 there were 4682. So it is not all of them that are below 16.

“When you look at those who impregnated these children, primary school teachers were 301, tertiary school teachers were 48, small-scale farmers were 986, large-scale farmers were 62, fishermen were 295, clerical officers 1, health workers 1, lawyers 4, engineers 11, drivers 676, masons 232, students 187, carpenters 93, traders 173, motor bike riders 35, galamsey workers 397.

“Mr Speaker, teenage pregnancy is a problem in the Central Region but I wanted to bring out these numbers. It is not only Central Region that has this problem, but it’s because of unemployment.

“I want to emphasise the need for the Ghana Education Service to make sure that where and when there is evidence to show that a person entrusted with the responsibility of educating our youth abuses his power by taking advantage covertly and has that type of relationship with a female student which occasions a pregnancy, then that teacher should not only be dismissed but should be severely punished.”