We Still Receive Less Than GHC300 As Monthly Salary - MPs Drivers

It was being perceived that working for a state official like a member of parliament had great benefits but it seems that perception is far from reality.

Frantically, a member of parliament (MP)receives GHC13,686 at the end of every month which is in sharp contrast with other civil servants whose salaries are less than GHC1,200.

Spelling out their frustrations to Akwasi Boateng; host of “Maakye” educative show on Hot fm in Accra, drivers of some Members of Parliament who spoke on the basis of anonymity revealed passionately that they receive as low as GHC200 as their monthly salary

According to these drivers, they work for long hours acting as drivers and messengers simultaneously and as such do not deserve such “Cramps” as their monthly salary which is not even paid through banks but given to them by hand.

“It’s a table top payment, at the end of the month, they just hand you your salary, there is nothing like being paid through the bank.You can’t even ask for your monthly salary at the end month because of fear of being sacked, they pay you anytime they feel like “, The drivers lamented.

Explaining further, one of the drivers differentiated that, some of them(Drivers) who have driven MPs for several years receive less than GHC1,200 while others do not receive anything at all.

“I work for a current MP and I have worked for him for seven years now and only receive GHC300 as my salary but my fear is that I might be sacked I start making demands concerning my condition.But I see mine as better because some of my colleagues are paid nothing at all but are sometimes given GHC20 as payment after a hard day work neither do our MPs pay our social security and National Insurance Trust(SSNIT)”,”, One of the drivers sorrowfully told Akwasi Boateng

Almost in tears, they concluded by telling Akwesi Boateng that,“We feel insulted by the kind of salary we receive…driving these MPS long distance and running errands for them…We sometimes reach home very late at night, with no place to rest after dropping them off, so we have to wait in the car for them to finish their work in parliament and other places they go..We have families who depend on us, but our families don’t believe our predicament because they think we drive MPs but that's far from the truth”,