Begin An Independent Probe Into NLA Bribery Scandal - CDD Tells Parliament

The Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) has warned parliament to ensure they investigate that the recent bribery scandal involving the National Lottery Authority (NLA).

It has been revealed that some members of parliament received some bribes at a tune of 50,000 cedis for the favour of the passage of a specific law for their favour.

This scandal, unearthed by Kojo Yankson of Joy FM, has seen the CDD call for a highly strict investigation module if perpetrators of the scandal are to be brought to book.

An officer with the legal and governance division of the CDD, Kojo Pumpuni Asante is making a case for wide and strict investigations into the dark and shady deals of parliament.

According to the official from the CDD; "Just the thought that a board can approve this kind of payment is worrying for public financial management. It seems like there is no respect for corporate governance," the CDD official fumed in disbelief.

Meanwhile, checks by indicate that not only has parliament condemned the development but also they are considering setting up a committee to investigate the matter.