Major Mahama's Family Visits Denkyira-Obuasi Lynching Site

The family of the late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama has visited Denkyira-Obuasi to see where the Army officer was killed one month ago.

Among those who went were the mother, father, brother and some family members from Tumu as well as family members of the widow.

The posthumous Major was murdered on May 29 by some youth of Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region on suspicion that he was an armed robber.

The incident reportedly happened after a snail seller spotted a pistol on him when he was on his routine morning jogging.

When news emerged that the people had killed an army officer, a lot of Ghanaians were enraged after a video emerged on social media showing how Major Mahama was killed.

Over the weekend, the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast, His Grace, Most Rev. Mathias K. Nketsia also visited the people of Denkyira Obuasi and celebrated Mass with them.

The Archbishop in his sermon encouraged the people to foster unity in the town and also asked them to work hard to regain the image of the town and its people.

The inhabitants of Denkyira-Obuasi have suffered an intense backlash from Ghanaians both home and abroad following the lynching of the late Major.

So far, over 30 suspects have been arrested and are facing trial for their involvement in the murder of the Major.

Following the incident, a lot of the residents are fleeing the area and some have complained of being discriminated against at places they have sought refuge.

But the Most Rev. Mathias K. Nketsia explained that the Catholic Church had to take that step to help the community go through this difficult period.

He said it is part of a healing process for the community and people should not shun them, as it is a show of spiritual support for the people to reflect on what has happened.

The Metropolitan Archbishop said it will also help when people forgive them after the terrible experience.

He charged the inhabitants to demonstrate deeds that will help them redeem the image of the community that is going through vilification and finger pointing.

A family member who was part of those that visited Denkyira Obuasi Thursday, said the residents were taken aback when they saw them.

He said they looked gloomy considering what had happened but there was no official interaction with the family.