Strip Clubs & Super Cars... How Mayweather and McGregor Made Their Fortunes Ahead Of Las Vegas Clash

Combined they are worth an estimated £288million. But for Floyd Mayweather (£262m) and Conor McGregor (£26m) the route to prosperity and sporting super stardom has been a long one.

Mayweather, who claims to have earned more than £615m during his unbeaten career, began fighting on the poverty and drug-ridden ghettos of Grand Rapids, Michigan. McGregor, meanwhile, was still collecting welfare payments in his native Dublin as late as 2013.

The two will meet in Las Vegas on August 26 in a historic cross-over fight many are labelling a mismatch. It's a bout, however, that is expected to generate more than £467m. But how did the two fighters make their fortunes? Here, Sportsmail details all you need to know.