86 Vehicles Secured Under Rawlings’ Regime Unused

A clear case of governmental wastage is depicted at the Institute of Local Government Studies in Accra, where Citi News’ Duke Mensah Opoku, reports that 86 unused state vehicles have been abandoned for nearly twenty years.

Mensah Opoku went to the Institute to see the 86 vehicles purchased by the Rawlings administration that have become a symbol of governmental misuse of public funds, and found that they are still unused.

The vehicles have withstood, “years of wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. The original spray coated vehicles are actually turning brown,” said Opoku, his hands brushing the bonnets of the vehicles.

But despite the damaged car bodies, the leather interiors were intact, confirming that they have been untouched. The case has come to light again after Deputy Information Minister Samuel Okudzeto Ablawkwa, called on the Administrator of District Assembly Common Fund to pay the sum of GHC 6 billion, a cost equal to the purchase of the vehicles, in 2012.

 In 2014, it was revealed that, the debt covering the vehicles had been paid, with the support of the Judgment Debt Commission, presided over by Justice Yaw Appau.

 The debt covered the original purchase of 110 vehicles. The current number of the vehicles is 86.
 After the vehicles were purchased by the Rawlings administration in 1999, they remained unutilized for the remainder of his time in office.

 Today in 2017, they have been unused for nearly 20 years.