Weija NDC Up In Arms

Members of the Weija Constituency of National Democratic Congress are up in arms against the National Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) for allegedly imposing a district NADMO Coordinator on the Municipal Assembly. Form their own words: “We the constituency Executives, Ward Executives and the rank and file of both Weija and Odom/Domiabra constituency of the NDC have learnt from a reliable source with shock, an attempt by some people who are working on the appointments to impose on us Madam Margaret Chiravira, who does not ever hail or come from our municipality as a substantive NADMO Coordinator by confirming her appointment.” According to the Spokesperson of the constituency, Vincent Yengbe, Mr Kofi Portophy, National Coordinator of NADMO told the constituency executives after he had allowed their chosen candidate, Jerry Johnson to go through the laid down procedure that he would engage him at the regional level, whilst Madam Margaret Chiravira would be confirmed on her position. The constituency executives argued that instead of engaging Johnson at the regional level, Margaret Chiravira should rather be sent to the regional office. What even infuriated the party bigwigs of the constituency was the explanation given can affect pricing and spending this year.” But, the think tank is adamant that “there is absolutely no way that Government’s end of year inflation target of 14.5% can be met. All things being equal we expect inflation to at best drop by to 17.4% for November. Checks made by the institute show that suppliers of manufactured goods, such as electrical goods, have a lot in local stock, due to the general slowdown in consumer activity throughout the year. “So consumption increases need not lead to an equal corresponding rises in prices,” Mr Otchere-Darko argues. “We also expect a reversal to upward inflationary movement for the Christmas season. Thankfully, we may be able to count on some counter-prevailing indicators,” he adds. The Executive Director of DI explains, “The phenomenon of significantly high consumer demand in December is likely to be helped by a weakening dollar, thereby suppressing related inflationary pressures.” Notwithstanding, “it is our prediction that end of year inflation may hit 17.6%. This will depend, partly, on the cedi continuing to hold its own against the dollar, at least.” He, however, attributes the stability of the cedi to when Madam Chiravira was sent to the Ga South municipality as an acting NADMO Coordinator pending the appointment of a substantive one through the laid down procedure only for her to be confirmed at the blind side of the party executives. “In order to avoid any political catastrophe, we are appealing to His Excellency the President, John Evans Atta Mills, the Regional Minister and the Minister for Interior as well as our party hierarchy to call to order the National Coordinator of NADMO and the Appointment Committee Members to respect laid down party appointment rules and regulations to reverse the confirmation of Madam Margaret Chiravira and appoint our approved nominee, Jerry Johnson as the NADMO Coordinator for our Assembly latest by 20th November, 2009 else we will be compelled to advise ourselves,” the Executives asserted. With inscriptions such as “No Jerry No Ga South NADMO Coordinator, we don’t want Margaret, 4 years is just around the corner” the executives told journalists at a press conference yesterday that they would use all legal means to resist every attempts by Mr Kofi Portophy to react to the story yesterday pulled a blank as his 0243… Number was “either switched off or out of coverage area.”