Wayo Is Lying! Nunoo Mensah

The National Security Advisor, General Nunoo Mensah, has said that he has no knowledge of Mr. Charles Kofi Wayo ever making a complaint to him that leading members of government were in the process of taking bribes from Vodafone. If he had made such an allegation to me, I would have remembered, and I dont remember any such complaint, General Nunoo Mensah said. In an interview with this newspaper yesterday, he said that he does not remember that Wayo had ever made such an allegation to him, ever at all. I dont think he has ever told me, if indeed he did I would have asked him to offer some proof, evidence of a sort. If you come to me and say that somebody has collected a bribe, where would I start from? I dont remember that he ever told me I dont think he told me, General Nunoo said. So if he ever goes public to make such an allegation you would say that it is not true, we asked. I choose my words carefully. What I am saying is that I dont remember. He could have told me but I dont remember he ever told me, he said. He said that if it had ever been reported to him that a member of his government had taken money he would take action, and he would also not forget. He said that Kofi Wayo comes to him a lot and if he had told him he would have pursued it further, and the fact that he had not taken any action on the allegations meant he that he had not received any such information. The retired army officer and currently Senior Security Advisor to President Atta Mills was speaking to the Daily Searchlight in an interview late yesterday in reaction to claims by Mr. Kofi Wayo, Founder and Leader of the United Renaissance Party (URP) that he had made a complaint to Nunoo Mensah and Col. Larry Gbevlo-Lartey to the effect that NDC members of government were being bribed by Vodafone to the tune of $14million. General Nunoo Mensah also denied that he was working hard on the allegations as claimed by Mr. Wayo, adding that if Wayo ever told him such a thing he would have demanded some proof. If he told me then probably I thought it was not credible. I am not working hard on any such. Iam not working hard on anything like that, because I would have been working hard if it was worthy, he said.