Akufo Addo Apologizes For 'Whining’ Comment

President Akufo Addo has apologized on behalf of the deputy Minister for Trade and Industry Robert Ahomka-Lindsay for claiming that some members from the diaspora excessively whine.

Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay speaking at an event organized by the diaspora community in Accra said “nobody likes whiners, people that spend all the time whining really get on people’s nerves. So, stop whining; stop saying this doesn’t work, that doesn’t work; please, we know it doesn’t work so stop whining all the time saying it doesn’t work. If it worked, you probably won’t be sitting there.”

The comments by the deputy minister was strenuously rejected by the community, leading to uneasy friction during the event.

But speaking to journalists at the Flagstaff House vis-à-vis his first six months in office, the president apologized to members from the diaspora for the friction that had been caused by the deputy minister’s comment.

“The Diaspora Summit gave us the opportunity to listen to the diaspora firsthand. I apologise to Ghanaians who are overseas for the whining” he said.