Mac Jordan Amartey Confirms His Right Leg Has Been Amputated

Veteran actor Mac Jordan Amartey has revealed how he was broken and couldn’t accept the fact that his right leg had been amputated due to diabetes.

In a one on one with TV3 News on Sunday, the impeccable actor popularly known as “Sugar Daddy” said, “I wept and wept and wept when I lost my leg to diabetes...I used to tell myself, is this Mac Jordan Amartey? I do not want to remember those times again.”

The actor who appeared to struggle while walking in a prosthetic leg acted a few lines from his many quarrelsome scenes with colleague actress Grace Nortey.

Quizzed on his success as an actor he said, “I sold like hot cake…. Man sold like hot cake. Everyone who made a movie at the time wanted to cast me”.

“I can still act once I’m seated. You know, when I watch some movies, I feel there are scenes I could have added some interesting twists to if I were cast in them,” he noted.

The legendary actor known for the use of “big English words” used to act alongside other veterans like Grace Nortey, Grace Omaboe, William Addo, Super OD, among others in the 90’s hit movies like “Victim of Love 2” ‘You Can’t Laugh’, “Idi koko series” etc.