Ghana Forgive Rashida Black Beauty

Since the Rashida black beauty's nude video leaked, I for once have desisted from giving commentaries on it.

I did it because I decided to listen to the real issues. I wanted to know her reason(s) behind doing such a video. I wanted to know if indeed she did leak it herself. I wanted to know how the video came out though it doesn't matter how because such a video could not and would not be hidden. Let just say, I wanted to understand before I draw conclusions.

In this era of technology, a lot of things do happen. You see people engaging in several abnormal stuffs that are beyond human reasoning. Recently, it was Christabel Ekeh who took to Instagram to reveal the elementary appealing parts of her succulent feminine physique.

Well, a whole lot of controversies arose from Christabel Ekeh's nude pictures that went viral. At least, as for her, she knows no shame and she's said countless number of times that she purposely decided to show her naked body to the world in her bid to fight against plastic surgery. I wonder if plastic surgery can cause such a beautiful lady to reveal the nakedness of her wonderfully God-made body, then what will she show when she's on course to sensitize people about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)? Sarcasm at its best! For those who understand sarcasm!

I hear she was kept under Police custody because her mother reported her to the Police after Rashida threatened to commit suicide, after the incident. So, her mother thought the Police could restrain her; hence reporting her to the Police. Well, that's a version from a reliable source.

However, the Berekum Police Command in an interview on Peace FM's Entertainment Review on Thursday, July 27, 2017, has debunked such claims and revealed that they arrested her after chancing upon her video. Well, that's good to hear. It's good to hear that our Police Force would arrest Rashida over her nude video because this will serve as deterrent to other beautiful ladies who would want to advertise the private engine of their bodies. 

The only question I have for the Police is why is Christabel Ekeh walking free? Is it because she's an actress? Or is the Police telling us they haven't heard the several audios by Christabel Ekeh and her family, particularly her sister, supporting her disgraceful act? Have they not seen her nude pictures yet? Why would they act swiftly on Rashida but let Christabel Ekeh off the hook?

Well, somebody can say I'm just thinking aloud.

Now let me go straight to the point. I want to be as brief as possible.

Rashida Black Beauty says she did the video for a white dude for whatever reason poorly known to her. Obviously, she was naïve, used and misused by this unidentified white dude to achieve a gain which has today become her pain.

I must say when I chanced upon the video, I was filled with disgust wondering why she would do all this for attention. But then, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. Deep inside of me, I knew there was more to it than meets the eye.

From all indications, Rashida cannot be absolved from blame and shame. The act of revealing your private parts and your feminine body is disgusting, annoying, stupid and indeed offensive to the human sensibilities. Nothing at all and no amount of money should make one accept to film her private parts. In our part of the world, our culture frowns on it. So, it's okay for Rashida to be trolled on social media and receive bashings from all angles.

But please, let's forgive the girl. She has shown remorse enough. She has clarified issues. Her ignorance is clear but she needs all of us to forgive her. She needs our love not condemnation. This girl has cried enough. 

I'm writing to ask sympathy and love for Rashida. I'm writing to say despite anything - in fact, anything that can be considered rude about her character - she deserves our forgiveness. Every human is infallible but the power of change is love.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son... - John 3:16"

Even when we were yet sinners and even as we are not perfect, God loved us and still loves us. Let's show Rashida some love and pray for her.

But my humble plea is Ghana forgive Rashida.

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