NPP Hoodwinked Nurses…NDC Is Vindicated - MP

“If you lie ahead of you, you will go and meet it…” Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu, A.B.A. Fuseini has told the ruling Akufo-Addo led government.

According to him, in the run-up to the 2016 elections, "the NPP rode on the back of lies, profuse lies, blatant falsehood, distortions, propaganda of the very negative kind…their main obsession was just to get power. So the lies were anchored on the fact that they will rise on the back of the people to power and then from there when they are in power that is what matters most…and so all manner of lies were to told; we were lied to and what we have here is part of it (health sector)”

The MP was reacting to government’s decision to bring back the quota system to help improve the quality of nurses in the country.

This new directive means public and private institutions accredited to train nurses in the country will reduce their intake by almost 1, 600 in 2017.

According to the Health ministry, this will help to produce nurses that will meet the demands of the health sector.

Contributing to a panel discussion on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji, Alhaji Fuseini said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is ‘vindicated’ because while the NPP were promising heaven on earth, they (NDC) were warning Ghanaians especially the nurses not to listen.

He said the ruling party tricked the nurses into believing that they will fulfil all their needs but after winning, ‘that was all’

“Today, they have been hoodwinked. The infamous ‘matriki wo’ (I have tricked you) is at play here. They mobilise them, use their campuses and others and after securing power, they’ve left them in the hedge. It is nothing new…we in the NDC stand vindicated because we said it at that time; that this was just a plethora of utopia promises that the people made with the intension that those promises were never meant to be kept and that they were just looking for power and once power was in their hands, that was all of it...

I know there is a day of reckoning…NPP today are facing reality…even their private sector people are complaining that they are killing their businesses. This is a government that says it is creating employment and laying people off. That is why I say the NPP is behaving like their mouth is full of water and they say they are blowing the candle fire”