Baby Girl Named After Car

A Dorset couple have named their new baby daughter Kia - after she had to be delivered on the back seat of a Kia people carrier. Tony Richardson and Samantha Smyth were heading to Poole Hospital in Sam's mum's Kia when they realised they were not going to make it. Baby Kia was born at 4.30am in the back of the car - and the couple decided to ditch their original name of 'Tilley' to mark the unusual birth. And Kia has now offered the couple a new Kia Carens - the same model baby Kia was born in - worth 18,000. Miss Smyth, 23, said: "Wow! I was not expecting this. We're over the moon. We could do with it. Between me and my partner we have six kids. We can't fit them all in the car." Michael Cole, managing director of Kia Motors, said: "All of us at Kia are delighted for Tony and Samantha and flattered that they have called their new baby Kia after she was born in granny's Carens. "We would like to welcome Kia to the Kia family and wish her a wonderful life."