Actors Hot Over Naked Photos

Actress Ingrid Alabi has been defending her half-naked photos with Majid Michel making rounds on some media platforms.

According to her, she couldn’t believe anyone could actually describe those images as “naked photos.”

“We are not naked,” she told NEWS-ONE on Monday.

Tongues have since last week been wagging over the latest half-naked images of the popular Ghanaian actors, which were used for artworks for their upcoming movie titled, ‘Adam The Eve’.

The artworks which were released late last week show both actors in different compromising positions and were covered with leaves in a bid to depict biblical images of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Interestingly, the imaged has popped up at a time when Majid is preaching the gospel to win souls for Jesus and staying away from engaging in things on the silver-screens that will distance him from his Christian faith.

Even though the upcoming movie was reportedly shot about two years, it is not clear when the photos for the artworks which have been generating a lot of public interest were taken.

But Ingrid said on Monday that they were not naked. She didn’t see anything naked about the images. It is, however, a surprise to her that people are actually thinking they were naked.

“How can we be naked? We were covered in leaves,” she further defended the posters.

Ingrid is returning onto on the big screens in the upcoming movie after a long break.

The new movie, ‘Adam The Eve’, seeks to educate Ghanaians, especially married couples, to be content with what they have. It features other seasoned actors like Roselyn Ngissah, Peter Richie and others from Nigeria.

It will premiere on September 1 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra and West Hills Malls. Some scenes of the movie which are sexually suggestive have been raising concerns about Majid’s Christian life, even though he has been explaining he shot the movie long ago.