Contractors With History Of Executing Bad Contracts To Be Blacklisted

Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Atta has warned contractors not to compromise the quality of structures they put up because government will in the coming days blacklist contractors who have a history of executing bad structures.

According to him, there are good contractors in the country and his office will in the coming days terminate contracts of all contractors whose constructions have been proven scientifically not strong.

He explained that the Nana Addo led-government was not ready to award contracts to individuals who had a history of doing shoddy work.

“We must get value for money. So If any contractor is found and its proven technically and scientifically that he/she has done any shoddy work, that person will be blacklisted,”he emphasized

The minister was speaking at the inauguration of the Public-private Dialogue platform for the Association of Ghana Industries here in Accra.

He also used the opportunity to warn contractors who pay monies to officials to win bids for contracts, adding that the ministry was going to review every contract to detail before it will be approved.