The Gambia To Drag Ghana To CAF Over Controversial Penalty

The Gambian Football Federation has disclosed that it will officially protest to CAF and WAFU their 1-0 defeat to Ghana in the preliminary qualifying game of the 2017 WAFU tournament.

The Black Stars B team put up a patchy performance and needed a 95th minute penalty converted by Vincent Atingah to win the match after Matarr Ceesay was adjudged to have handled the ball inside the box.

The Gambian Football Federation released a statement hours after the game ended, and it highlighted their displeasure at the result.

“The Gambia Football Federation wishes to express our disappointment in the strongest possible terms in the manner in which the Ghana Vs The Gambia match was decided.

A non-existent penalty robbed the Scorpions and secured Ghana a place in the group stages of the competition.

In this regard, the GFF wish to condemn the abhorrent officiating by the Burkinabe referee, Boukari

Ouedraogo, who after giving several contentious decisions against our team and with the game heading to the penalty kicks and in the 99th minute, awarded a non-existent penalty to the home side.

This decision by the referee prompted a Ghanaian news site, Joy Online, to write in its post-match report:

“With 5 minutes of time added on and the game heading for the lotteries of penalty, a single kick from the spot was rather used to decide the game.

Referee adjudged The Gambia defender to have handled theball in the box, a decision which is even being disputed by the [Ghanaian] supporters.”

Considering the fact that this is the second consecutive time that we were robbed in broad daylight in a WAFU competition, the GFF therefore, shall formerly protest to WAFU and CAF for necessary action.

We may also consider our participation in future WAFU competitions unless justice is seen to be done.

In conclusion therefore, the GFF would wish to commend the spirited performance of the Scorpions in keeping the adversary at bay. We also wish to commend the efforts of the Head Coach Omar K. Sise, the Technical Team, the Players and the entire delegation.” the statement read.

Head Coach of the Scorpions Omar Sise expressed disgust at the decision taken by Burkinabe referee Boukari Ouedraogo when he spoke to the press following the encounter.

“I am sorry for Africa,so sorry for African football,an upset Sise yelled.

“The time was up but he gave away a penalty.

“Shame of them and shame on African football,this is why we don’t perform at the World Cup.

“Ghana did not win this game because they deserve to but because it was handed to them by the referee.

“Everyone watched the game and the Ghanaian citizens that believe in God know that this was no penalty and time had run out.

“They have advantage of playing at home,let them go,”he raged as he walked off.

Ghana however progress to the Group stage of the competition while The Gambia will head home as they put their case together.