Bishop Proposes 'One Church One Factory' Agenda To Support Government

The founder and General overseer of the New Jerusalem Chapel at Sokoban in Kumasi, Bishop J Y Aido has proposed a policy he calls: ‘one Church one factory’ to help boost the development of the country.

He said this speaking in an interview with Kumasi based Garden City Radio.

“You will all bear with me that, our major problem in this country is unemployment. Because most of our youths are unemployed, they engage thameselves in manace like galamsey, robbery etc and at the end they tend to destroy our water bodies lots of social vices in the society”. He stressed.

However, the only way we can solve these problems is by creating jobs for them. He added.
“That is why I am recommending that, if possible, all the big churches in Ghana must join me in the crusade. At least every church should build one factory”. Bishop J Y Aido said.

Most Ghanaians are looking forward to Nana Addo’s government to fulfill his promise made during the 2016 general election campaign.

The NPP had an overwhelmed support with massive win in the history of Ghana. It was made possible by most of the promises President Akofo Addo made at the time with ‘one district one factory’ as a major policy and Free SHS which has now been rolled.
However, some members of the opposition have criticized the president saying he deceived Ghanaians to win the elections.

In his interview, the powerful healer explained that he has always known and believed men of God in Ghana, “they have the capacity and knowledge to take such a great initiative to develop the nation if each of us is able to build a factory”. He said.

”Since the government has promised to help us in getting loans at low interest rate, and land for the one district one factory, I think all churches should get involved”. Bishop opined.

In the wake of his 20 minutes interview at his church, New Jerusalem Chapel, also known as ‘Ayaresa Fie’ he further hinted that, the initiative will also serve as a model for both politicians and the congregation to put up with the responsibility of nation building.

He made his intensions that he has taken the lead of establishing at least on factory in the Western Region.
“For that reason I urge my fellow pastors to do the same and help the poor in the society”. The man of God noted.

Adding that, pastors should not stop encouraging or criticizing government just because they fear society would label them with political colors.

Bishop J Y Aido as well cautioned the president, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo – Addo not to shield any member of his government appointee who engages him or herself in corruptible acts.