Alhaji Grusah: Leave Kojo Bonsu Alone

Founder of Premier league club King Faisal FC, Alhaji Abdul Karim Grusah has added his voice to the controversial issue of the day in which businessman and football enthusiast Kojo Bonsu made a scathing assault on the credibility of the Ghana football Association and the need for government to intervene in the activities of the association. Kojo Bonsu last Monday called on the government to ensure that the Public Interest Committee of the Football Association was formed to help check the rot and malfeasance bedeviling the running of football in the country. Kojo Bonsu has come under a barrage of attack by most people who think his allegations are fueled by the desire he is courting to ascend the throne in the next GFA elections. However, Alhaji Grusah who is well noted for his blunt nature of addressing issues thinks Kojo Bonsu should not be vilified by Ghanaians for calling for the formation of the �PIC� since it is enshrined in the statutes of the football association. �Is it a crime for Kojo Bonsu to ask for the Public Interest Committee which is a requirement by law for the FA form? Alhaji inquired. �He has the right to ask for it� Alhaji added. In the heat of the controversy, Kojo Bonsu is on record to have stated that he is not interested in standing for the next GFA elections but our investigations have revealed that he does not even qualify to contest since each candidate is required to have been in active football administration for the past five years.