Almost All The Award Schemes In Ghana Are Not Organized Well - Frema Ashkar

One of the most dedicated female broadcasters of our time, Frema Ashkar as indicated strenuously that, organizers of award schemes in Ghana must stop doing shoddy works.

Ever since the nominations of the RTP awards were announced, many radio and television personalities like DJ Premier of Accra FM have questioned the credibility of the popular award scheme after failing to earn nominations.

Wading her view into the matter on her show on Metro TV, Frema Ashkar who is also the manageress of multiple award-winning Highlife Musician; Kwabena Kwabena delineated emphatically that, it's high time organizers of award schemes in Ghana put up proper measures that would ensure that deserving people are awarded:

“Award is very important…but it doesn’t mean they should do shoddy works by just putting people out there to award ..we have so many problems with people being nominated in different categories where they are not supposed to be and a whole lot of issues…which is very bad…and I think it’s not just about the RTP awards but almost all the award schemes in Ghana are not organized well”, Frema passionately opined.

The celebrated TV personality who can not fathom why anything organized by the media and in showbiz faces tumultuous problems advised that proper structures are put in place in order to curb these anomalies.

Frema Ashkar gained prominence during her stint as a news anchor at TV3.