Chelsea Fan Stabbed To Death In Ghana...

Police in Ghana are on the hunt for two men who stabbed a talented footballer to death after an argument over the performance of Chelsea defender David Luiz during Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid.

The Chelsea fan named Deco was stabbed to death at - Akweteman Zongo – a suburb of Accra, after a heated debate over the performance of Brazilian defender in the match.

Moneymaker Oluman and Baba Ali allegedly stabbed Chelsea fan Deco to death at Akweteman Zongo after the debate over the showing of Brazilian defender degenerated into a fight.

Deco, who is also a talented footballer, was backing Luiz with the claim that he is a good player despite his poor showing but Oluman and Ali took offense with the strong defence of the defender.

The two suspects nearly beat Deco up but they were separated by others watching the game after insults flared up from both sides.

The suspects went home and returned with knife and a baseball bat to attack Deco as the crowd failed in their desperate attempt to stop the duo.

Deco was stabbed twice in the neck while the other was hitting his head with the baseball bat. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The youth Akweteman Zongo launched a chase of the two suspects after Deco was pronounced dead while the police also embarked on a similar exercise.

The two suspects are currently on the run.