Workshop To Validate Assembly Bye-Laws Held

The Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resource in conjunction with the Metropolitan/Municipal and District Assemblies has organized a one day workshop in Madina to discuss the revision of the La-Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Assembly (LaNMMA) bye-laws.

The workshop was attended by the Municipal Chief Executive of the La-Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Assembly, Madam Genivive Dede Afagbedzi, Assemblymen and women in the area, including staff of the LaNMMA.

Chief State Attorney, Mr Sylvester Williams, who was a resource person, said currently there are 42 bye-laws in the assembly, and that, the revised bye-laws would be ratified at the regional co-ordinating council at a later date.

He said the minimum penalty unit has been revised from the lowest of 30 units to 100 penalty units whiles the maximum has been fixed at 250 penalty units.

Mr Williams said there are many avenues to generate funds within the assembly, including capturing stray animals, market tolls and drinking bars and food joint tolls.

The Chief State Attorney reminded the Assembly to organise regular public education on the revised assembly bye-laws and on sanitation.

The Assistant Director at the Ministry of Sanitation, Mr. Atinga Ayamga said his outfit will soon create a waste management department in all the assemblies and also review the bye-laws on sanitation to enable them to work efficiently and prosecute all offenders.