Gas EXP: Kojo Yankson’s Report “Needless”....But Criticisms “Unfair” – Baako

Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako says Multimedia Group Limited journalist, Kojo Yankson’s report on the recent Atomic junction gas explosion was “needless” and not factual, per a report, albeit incomplete; he (Baako) had intercepted.

The JOY FM’s morning show host incurred the wrath of khebab (also known as ‘Chinchinga’) sellers in Ghana for blaming last Saturday night’s Atomic junction gas explosion on one of them describing the culprit as “uneducated”.

A day after the devastating gas explosion, Kojo Yankson who visited the site presented what many have described as his “chronological” account of the incident.

Kojo Yankson's report suggested that, a khebab seller who operates some meters away from the fuel station caused the explosion.

He explained that, “There was a leak during a loading exercise from one of the tanks here in this compound. Gas was pluming up into the sky, blowing up very fast and everybody in the area noticed it…Members of staff at the gas station evacuated immediately and called the authorities.”

“Within minutes, our chinchinga stand operator decided to start work. In spite of the fact that there was escaping gas, he lit a flame under his Kebab and the flame shot up into the air and connected with the gas that was gathering in the air above the heads of all the people standing around…this flame connected with it [the gas] and set the entire sky above the people at this junction ablaze," the Joyfm journalist narrated in a video which has since gone viral.

This account has been described by a section of Ghanaians as not only inaccurate, but highly implausible.

Speaking on Peace FM’s morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako said a report intercepted by him is contrary to Kojo Yankson’s account.

The driver’s mate observed the leakage during the discharge process and attempted to fix it but the LPG engulfed the place and subsequently unlighted after finding a heat source,” he read portion of the report.

Asked by host Kwami Sefa Kayi “What is the source of the heat”, - Kweku Baako replied; “I won’t sit here and say its the chinchinga fire”.

Whiles he believed the account and subsequent video was a bit rushed, he also believed Ghanaians are not being fair to the presenter.

“...we (the public) are being unfair to him (Kojo Yankson).... the backlash is unnecessary and needless!” he added.