There is no beef � Obrafour

One of the key memories of the year 2009 is the controversial �Kasiebo� song by Obrafour, the �Ghana Rap Sofour�. Undoubtedly, the release of that song has not only got people talking but it has created one of the fiercest rap battles the Ghanaian music industry has ever witnessed. Just when everyone thought they had seen the last of that fierce rivalry, Obrafour after refusing several battle request from Okyeame Kwame, the supposed target of the his �Kasiebo� track, rekindled that controversy with his creative performance at this year�s Joy FM Nite with the Stars. After performing several old tracks which thrilled the over thousand music lovers, Obrafour produced a beautiful artistic re-enactment of the �Kasiebo� song. The performance came along with the premier of the �Kasiebo� video, was without a doubt fantastic. Guru, sat on a chair with a desk as if on air at a radio station calling Obrafour for an interview. This went to the admiration of the already joyous crowd. Then the high point of his well-crafted performance was when a dummy wearing a t-shirt with the inscription, �OK� was brought on stage. �The rap sofour� raps to 'OK', claiming 'OK' was no match for him in a battle to prove supremacy in Ghanaian rap. Obrafour in an interview with said he had no beef with any artist, insisting, that his rap to the dummy was just a mere stage craft. �The drama, the act that we put on stage, I will find it difficult if you will pin it to a particular person. OK, what about Okomfour Kwadee, what about Okyeame Kofi he was sitting in the crowd. It is an act. As an artiste I have to strategize and plan what I will do to make my fans happy,� he said. �Controversy sells and for me if Okyeame Kwame says he has a beef, I put it straight to Kwame that he should be a man and reply. What he thinks is a �diss� song, when he replies, I will come back and show him what a beef or a �diss� song is,� he added. Obrafour said he does his music for money and that, people who want to see him battle with Okyeame Kwame should be ready to pay or sponsor before he ventures into that. �I just don�t throw rhymes out for free. I am an artiste, a business man, am doing this; this feeds me. Why do I have to go waste lyrics? If we have to beef, then somebody will have to come up with let say Gh C 50,000, then I know I am going in there for something.� He said the �Kasiebo� song is not a marketing gimmick as is being speculated. He aims at tackling issues with his music not personalities and that, the song is a beautiful piece which seeks to entertain people. For future plans, Obrafour hopes to win more souls for Christ to obtain more stars in Heaven, ��I think if I can win souls for Christ one day, I will have so many stars in Heaven on my crown. I do want to do the work of God. I don�t want to go in there in my own will but I want to receive the call,� he said religiously. He assured his fans that he is back and that, it is not true that he is over and done with as widely speculated.