Banks Should Help the Movie Industry”-Idikoko

We are always complaining about the fall of the Ghanaian movie industry but it is very difficult for one to find any old actor in an organization trying to use his or her means to help the movie industry in recent times. One of the country`s popular film actor Augustine Abbey popularly known as (Idikoko) whose acting skills differ from the other actors has revealed to Flex newspaper some of the problems facing the movie industry and how best he could help solve it. In an interview with him at the Musiga office in Accra, he made it known to this paper that when you are shooting a movie you must have a target market and the people you want to sell the movies to. “There are a whole lot of problems facing the movie industry but we are pointing at the Nigerians and money issue because we find it to be the major downfall of the industry.” He continued that we only have Twi and English movies in Ghana and anytime we do a Twi movie in Ghana, we makes sales than the Nigerians do but our English movies are not able to compete with the Nigerian market because the Nigerian population is so high and they have some of the bank managers coming in to help the industry which gives them the opportunity to use expensive houses, expensive cars etc which we Ghanaians don't have” he lamented. “Nigerians have the largest population in Africa and movies go with population because if you have a high population, you have an advantage to make high sales. “The money we use to do our movies here in Ghana can not even pay one actor in Nigeria. In Nigeria banks sponsor movie so why not Ghana? Why can`t our banks in Ghana do the same” he asked. When asked if any action they take will affect the Ghanaian movie reaching the Nigerian market, he said that they are not taking any bad action because Nigeria is a sister country but they are not going to look at the sister love for the Ghanaian movie industry to spoil the Nigerian market . “At least the Ghana Nigerian collaboration is helping the Ghanaian movie market but we are saying we want to solve the problem we are facing here in Ghana. “ He was asked if their target is to help the Twi movies or the English movies since he said the Twi movies are making high sales. “No our basic aim is to regulate our market and help the whole movie industry which we are now working towards, we are making an effort to solve all the problems and with the media supporting us” we are up beat it will go well.” He encouraged Ghanaians to support and patronize more of the local movies in the