Wanlov The Kubolor Spotted In Suit And Tie With A Pair Of Shoes...

Wanlov has set social media ablaze by wearing a suit, tie and a pair of shoes–so unusual of his brand.

Wanlov’s popularity sprang up after that interview with Delay showing his manhood to the whole of the world live on TV. He has since been referred to as odd and weird due to his style of dressing and some personal principles he sticks to.

You are always likely to spot the musician at events due to his stand out posture and a different sense of fashion, music and the likes.

This time around Wanlov wasn’t spotted in his usual barefooted and loose dress but in a western fashion–suits, tie and shoes. This has really gotten people to talk about his new appearance on social media asking questions like what really happened to his brand?

Wanlov, as we know him, will never wear something like that in real life but he was playing a role in a play and the right costume was the suit and tie with a pair of shoes.

Wanlov’s picture wearing a suit and tie with a pair of shoes made him look different, dapper and more executive and surprisingly the picture has attracted a lot of comments on twitter.