We Did The Job On The Grounds That Brought Change In 2016; Now, Boys For Chop, Girls Go Chop! --Nana B Is The Obvious Choice

The NPP’s resounding victory did not come overnight! Young party men and women got beaten, others got butchered, and a significant number lost their jobs! It took tirelessly frantic efforts, fearlessly effective vociferous, strategic communication and a clearly focused youth leadership, to whip up the youth front to get the job on the grounds done!

Every political year has an agenda and 2016 was no exception. In 2016, we set for ourselves an agenda to “arise for change” together with the “boys abr3, girls abr3” mantra. We went to the masses, we went to every nuke and cranny of this Country, and we did it and did it over and over again with a passion borne out of a commitment without inducement. Back then, we knew the “job dey grounds” so we executed it!

One distinctive fact is that, Nana B was all over, he was on the grounds with us, he was eloquently heard in the media, he was with the strategic teams, and at the same time, he was and has always been visible. He understood that, leadership is not about telling the people what to do, rather, it’s about doing it and showing the people how to do it. You lead from the frontline, not from the background! He rose through the ranks from being a TESCON President, polling station chairman, Regional and National Communication Team Member, Head of programmes and events, Npp National youth wing and today here we are! That’s the man of the grassroots, he understands what it means to be down the line and up the line!

Now that change has come as a results of the grounds work we did in 2016, what next? Now is the time to play a new tune, which is; an agenda for jobs and an agenda for the empowerment of the party’s youth meaning,“boys for chop, girls go chop”; for we have already done the job on the grounds! Now is the crucial time to find jobs for the teaming young men and women who laid down their lives to champion the course of the NPP. Now is the time to consolidate our electoral fortunes. Now is the time to make sure, hard work’s’ tune does not become faint.

We must confront the harsh reality we all face and make prudent choices that will ensure our collective survival. We need this more than ever……..In doing all these, let’s be mindful of the fact, that we need a leader who will be able to move us forward from where we are now to where the teaming youth of our party now desire; thus an era of jobs and opportunities ; only Nana B Can do this!

Boys for chop, girls go chop! Nana B, the Perfect replacement; Nyame nsa wom !