Ibrahim Exposes Murtala Mohammed…Over Osafo Maafo's "Building"

Allegations made by Murtala Mohammed against the Senior Minister, Mr Yaw Osafo Maafo have been described as libelous and untruthful.

Murtala Mohammed a former Deputy Minister for Trade Minister in the John Mahama-led NDC administration during a panel discussion on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji programme over the weekend alleged that Osafo Maafo is the "most corrupt politician" he has ever come into contact with

I can’t see any corrupt politician than Osafo Maafo. Perhaps, within the NPP he may not be the most corrupt but I say that he is the most corrupt politician that I have ever seen…he has to explain to us how that building was completed only when he was appointed a senior minister…”

Murtala Mohammed wants him (Osafo) to tell Ghanaians how he managed to complete a building which was at a foundation level for years immediately after being appointed as a minister.

Go to Pillar two (Dome, a suburb in Accra), there is a building there and my understanding is that the building belongs to Mr Osafo Maafo; it was just foundation for over ten years. Mr Osafo Maafo didn’t even have a dime to buy blocks to raise it. Go and see that building today in less than a year.

"Mr Osafo Maafo should tell us where he got that money to do that…and let no one tell me that oh he had money. If he had money, is it not curious that he didn’t see the need to raise that building for almost ten years or more and he has suddenly raised that building from foundation to completion?”

However, Alhaji Ibrahim, an estate developer in charge of the construction of the building in question has denied claims made by the former MP.

According to him, the building does not belong to the Senior Minister.

It is never true that the building Murtala Mohammed is referring to was built by the senior minister and also started, ten [10] years ago. The land belongs to him [Mr Osafo Maafo] but he didn’t invest a penny into the construction of the building”.

“I am an estate developer and all that I do is to build and rent…I met Osafo Maafo few years ago and told him of my intention to build on his land. After glancing through my contract submitted to him [Mr Osafo Maafo] he agreed and gave me the go-ahead to take over his land. There was nothing on that land until I started developing…

He also added that “I started the building long before Mr. Osarfo Marfo was elected as the Senior Minister for the current government”.