Vigilantism, Cash-for-Dinner Seats, 800K Website Budget...Act Decisively - Rawlings Charges Akufo-Addo

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has charged the current administration headed by President Akufo-Addo to act in a decisive manner "that will inspire public confidence", against the "rise of reckless vigilantism" gradually "breeding a new standard in lawlessness" in the country.

He has also tasked the Nana Addo government to address what he termed "official indiscretion in the cash for dinner seats affair" and "inflated budgetary allocations by a particular ministry", which he believes if unatttended to, can "lead to the escalation of corruption".

"I have on a number of occasions made remarks about the current president. That not withstanding, I have to caution that the rise of reckless vigilantism, which is breeding a new standard in lawlessness, has to be brought to book. Vigilantism perceived to be protected by political authority is a one-way road to a break down of law and order. The attacks on the High Court in Kumasi, the recent attacks on a Member of Parliament in Brong Ahafo and other reported incidents of highhandedness by perceived political agents have to be denounced forcefully and dealt with in a firm and swift manner that will inspire public confidence.

One cannot also overlook reports of official indiscretion in the cash for dinner seats affair. I expect the executive to similarly respond appropriately to the reported inflated budgetary allocations by a particular ministry, which has elicited some negative responses from the general public. Left unattended to these acts can lead to the escalation of corruption in our country," the former president said on Sunday when he addressed thousands of NDC faithfuls at the 36th Anniversary of the 31st December Revolution held in Ho.  

This year's celebration dubbed: “Uniting around the Principles of Probity, Accountability and Social Justice”, featured the ritual ceremonial wreath laying and lighting of the perpetual flame.

The 31st December Revolution brought the Military Junta, the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) led by then Ft. Lt. J.J Rawlings into power in 1981.

Members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) turned up in their numbers to commemorate the anniversary. Party supporters and sympathizers were clad in party colours as they thronged the Nfodjo Park after partaking in a route march as part of the activities for the day. 

Captured at the Nfodjo Park, venue for the event, were NDC presidential hopefuls, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, and Dr. Joshua Alabi. 

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