Job Seeking Graduates . . . Corporate Passport To The Rescue

Businessman, Greg Simpe-Asante and his business partner, Fadi Hamoui, are launching the Fanal Skills Development Center (FSDC) in Accra, to curb the difficult faced by unemployed, job-seeking youth in Ghana and help them find gainful employment in their fields and to explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

It is as a result of the over 71,000 graduates, who come from both private and public tertiary education institutions enter the labour market in Ghana every year, hence the launch.

 It is estimated, according to British High Commission’s most recent findings, that there are currently over 200,000 unemployed graduates – an alarming statistic for a fast-developing country like Ghana.

This frustration and strong intent to develop this grim situation in his home country, led to the return of Greg Simpe-Asante to Ghana from the United Kingdom.

FSDC is a subsidiary of Fanal Plus Ghana Limited, a business development company with over 30 years of business development experience, both locally and internationally.

The first course offered by FSDC is the Corporate Passport program. Corporate Passport is a two-week workshop hosted in the Fanal Skills Development Center and delivered by Greg Simpe-Asante, along with his head of IT Ashok Chandrasekaran, and other industry experts, aiming to enhance the soft skills and entrepreneurial skills of the candidates, followed by a comprehensive continuity program.

To kick off the launch, Corporate Passport will be introduced through a dynamic 1-week introductory event from  January 29  to February 2, 2018, bringing together industry heads, institutions, partner companies, and candidates from across Ghana to gather and create synergies in order to forge new paths for job seeking candidates.

Along with his international partners who understand the unemployment dilemma plaguing Ghana, the CEO will lead his team to successfully help alleviate the unemployment issue, in its own little way.

Corporate Passport will be delivered every quarter, and in the meantime, the FSDC will be running soft skills courses regularly in order to empower the youth.

Corporate Passport plans to expand to other West African countries by end of 2018, with the aim of creating a regional network of Corporate Passport hubs.

The enrollment for the first course starting on January 29, 2018 is now open, and we encourage any interested candidates to register online at