I Was A Serial Womaniser; My First Abortion Was At Age 14 - Agyinasare Reveals

Founder and presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International, Charles Agyinasare, has made a revelation about his past experiences as a Casanova, including aborting a baby at the tender age of 14.

According to him, he was a “bad boy” and a “trouble” child before he got saved as a Christian in the year 1980.

“I had my first abortion at the age of 14. I was bad. But when the Lord shall set you free, you are free indeed.” He said.

Agyinasare, in an interview with GhanaWeb editor Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng on '21 Minutes with KKB' narrated how he found himself engaged in several acts of social vices such as peddling and using hard drugs, alcohol and womanizing all from a tender age of 11.

The renowned man of God disclosed that he started smoking ‘wee’ when he was only 11 years, graduating to marijuana use by age 12 and subsequently tobacco.

In his words, Bishop Charles Agyinasre said “Before I got saved…I got saved in 1980. I was into drugs, smoking…I started smoking at the age of 11 by 12 [I] was on marijuana, causing all kinds of trouble but when I met Jesus in 1980 he broke the power of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and all kinds of things from my life. I was 18 years old.”

He also made mention of how he knew his wife and co-founder of the Church, Vivian Agyinasare, was the one for him the moment he saw her at Akim-Oda, five years after giving his life to Christ.

Detailing how he felt when he laid his eyes on her, he said, “We met in 1984 and married in 85. When I saw her my heart was like ice block placed in the sun. I knew this was the woman. Everything was now nothing anymore and she was the woman I wanted to make life with.”

Quizzed on whether or not he'll encourage any of his church members to marry a partner he or she has only known for a year, Bishop Agyinasare indicated that the practice should not be encouraged despite the fact that he went along those lines. He says the proper thing is for the would-be couple to go through counselling in order not to find themselves in 'shipwreck situations.