"It Is Unfortunate Ghanaians Didn’t Understand Ebony" - Oheneba Kissi

As an ardent fan of Ebony Reigns, one of Oheneba Kissi’s biggest wishes was to meet the beautiful singer in person and possibly collaborate with her on a song so it is not surprising that he is heartbroken about her death.

His love for Ebony saw the Ka Biribi Kyere Me artiste defend the 90s Bad Girl when she was attacked for her choice of wardrobe and music.

In an interview he granted Showbiz last December, Oheneba Kissi praised her talent and said he wished Ebony were his daughter.

“I just wanted to meet that girl and praise her for her unique talent. It is unfortunate Ghanaians didn’t understand her. She defined show business the way it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, we condemned her and never appreciated her unique talent.

“I have been in this industry for long and seen young talents emerge all the time but there was something unique about Ebony. I don’t know if anyone saw what was in her but she was different from her compatriots,” he told Showbiz in an interview.

He continued, “I have to congratulate her parents for blessing Ghana with such a gem. It really hurts me that I never got to meet her before her death.

I would have gladly contributed to her brand.”

As an artiste with a wealth of experience in the music industry, Oheneba Kissi said Ebony’s strong spirit and the confidence she had to take a different path from others won his heart.

“I never had her kind of vim to do the ‘abnormal’ things.

Whatever Ebony did when she was alive was for showbiz because when you watch her last video with her family, you will notice she was a shy person.

Many disagreed with her but the truth is that she lived and defined show business.

“I remember many years before I became a musician, I met an artiste who wore a pair of shoes in different colours.

I passed judgement but I later appreciated what he did because as an artiste, he needed to be abnormal to stand out and yes, he got my attention and that of others.

“That was Ebony, any normal person will never understand what she was doing but I did and supported it.

When you listen to the lyrics of her songs, they weren’t different from the character she projected,” he said.

The ABC Of Love hitmaker said he was willing to do a collaboration with Ebony because the Hustler artiste had a super brand.

“I have been following the young ones and I’ve noticed they have the same style which doesn’t make for a competitive industry. Ebony was exceptional.

I know people didn’t expect someone of my calibre to defend her but I’m proud I did that.

It’s unfortunate she died at such a ripe age when she had a lot to offer the world.

Some people have been doing music for over 20 years but don’t have not had the great impact Ebony did within the short time.”

“At least, I’m happy she died knowing she was well loved as well as hated for who and what she did,” he added.