Agya Koo Popular Than Dumelo and Majid Put Together - Miracle Films

A movie producer has ignited fresh controversy in the industry revealing that Agya Koo born Alex Adu is more popular than John Dumelo and Majid Michel put together.

“Agya Koo is more popular than Dumelo and Majid put together”, he stressed.

According to Mr. Samuel Nyamekye who owns Miracle Films, Agya Koo holds a record which no actor or actress has in the movie industry since its inception more than a decade ago.

“Agya Koo is more popular, let me tell you something, he holds a record which nobody in the industry has”. He told Tony Montana on Sika FM in Kumasi.

He insists Agya Koo is the only one who has reigned in the Ghanaian movie industry for more than a decade.

“If we need an actor who has taken major lead roles in movies for a consistent 10-year period, then it’s Agya Koo and nobody else. Nobody comes near him, he is a legend”, he praised.

His comments were in reaction to earlier claims made by Minister for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Catherine Ablema Afeku that the comedian and actor is more popular than John Dumelo which have been disputed.

“You can’t even compare Dumelo to Majid so how could someone do that by comparing him to Agya Koo” He asked.

When asked if he implied Majid and Dumelo are nowhere near Agya Koo, he responded in the affirmative. “I’m telling you the truth, Agya Koo was consistent for a decade.”

“There is no way you will find it easy sending Agya Koo to London to shoot a movie. People will flood the place” Mr. Samuel Nyamekye CEO of Miracle Films revealed indicating that Agya Koo is the main reason there are so many movie producers in the industry simply because he was marketable.

He blamed his colleague producers for not handling him well at the latter part stating they could have done better.