Northern REGSEC Cautions Radio Stations

The Northern Regional Security Council has, in the wake of the recent rising tensions within the Tamale Metropolis over differences between the Ambariya and Masjidul-Bayan muslim groups, cautioned the general public, especially, the media to be circumspect in their reportage.

As a first step, the Regional Security Council has deployed security personnel at certain key areas in the Metropolis whiles security patrols have been intensified within the community under the code name “Suhudoo” (Calm Lives).

A statement issued by the Regional Security Council under the chairmanship of the Northern Regional minister, Mr. Salifu Sa-eed said any person or group of persons found to be engaged in any act that can jeopardize the peace in the metropolis will be dealt with in line with the law.

‘Freedom of speech should and must be exercised in a manner that does not hurt or injure others in any way and Radio Stations must not project news items or engage discussions that could create misunderstanding in the community’.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of REGSEC has engaged the leadership of Ambariya and Masjid Bayan sects of the Islamic faith to help resolve the impasse.

REGSEC has appealed to the leadership of the two groups and all other religious leaders in the region to continue to urge their congregants to appreciate the value of peace and not engage in any acts of violence that will subvert peace and stability in the region.

It will be recalled that factions from Ambariyya and Masjidul Bayan of the Islamic faith clashed recently over the issue of superiority.

A follower of the Ambariyya group had allegedly tried to discredit the Masjidul sect and its teachings. Matters came to a head when the leader of the Masjidul Bayan sect, Sheik Ibrahim Baasha, reported an attack on his mosque by supposed Ambariyya followers at the Northern Regional Police Headquarters.

Sheik Bayan, according to a source, also reported attacks on his mosque at the Northern Regional Police headquarters.

He had reported that a scholar of the Ambariyya sect had attacked him at his mosque while he was preaching.

The scholar was then invited to the regional police headquarters to assist in investigation.

This led to hundreds of Ambariyya followers massing up at the headquarters to prevent the police from detaining the suspected scholar.