Men Are Already Licking Worse Things - Counsellor Lutterodt

Controversial marriage counsellor, George Lutherodt is at his best again, his best this time around can be described as worse judging from the views he shared on TV Africa’s morning show on the issue of the woman who confessed that she prepared her husband’s favourite food with her menstrual blood (menses).

Counsellor Lutherodt sharing his views on the issue with host Nikki Samonas stated that the woman did nothing wrong for using her menstrual blood to prepare fufu and palm nut soup for her husband because men are already licking worse things than menstrual blood.

On the question of some of the worse things being licked by men, the eristic counsellor indicated that from what he has been told by some of his male clients concerning their sexual experiences, it all points to the fact that men have been licking contaminated fluids worse than menstrual blood.

He added that one of his male clients disclosed to him that he once licked a lady and it was so bad, a fluid which smelled like a spoilt boiled egg but he had to continue just to satisfy the lady sexually.

He concluded that it is even better to enjoy the menstrual blood when it’s been used to prepare food than to lick it raw from the vagina.