Bishop Obinim Shares Details Of His ‘Latest Visit To Heaven’ (VIDEO)

Founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has got tongues rolling after another video of him bragging to his congregation went viral on social media. 

The controversial pastor, who has over the years been in the media for all the wrong reasons including vandalizing a radio station and stamping the stomach of a pregnant woman during a deliverance session, was seen in the video talking about his “supposed” visit to Heaven. 

According to Bishop Obinim who claims he flew to Heaven with his “God-given wings”, angels gathered to sing and praise him as the beloved son of God. 

He said it was a wonderful experience to be extolled by his “angelic brothers”. 

“I was with other angels who were dancing and singing; Jesus Christ’s beloved son is Obinim. They had wings and I also had wings and we were just happy singing. Then I noticed a dark figure looking at me and I realized it was the devil. He told me how jealous he was that I have been made an angel,” he said. 

Bishop Obinim, in the 2 minutes 21 seconds video continued to describe his journey and interactions in Heaven amidst applause and admiration from his congregation. 

This is not the first time Bishop Obinim has spoken about Heaven and his ability to transport himself from this world. He has also declared himself an angel, a revelation that has led to his new stage name “Angel Obinim”. 

In January this year, another video of the pastor attempting to fly went viral on social media raising eyebrows and generating a call on the Christian Council of Ghana to call some pastors to order.