Eric Opoku Being Haunted By His Own Violent Shadows - Asunafo NPP

The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Asunafo South Constituency of the Brong Ahafo Region is accusing the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Eric Opoku of being haunted by his own violent shadows.

In a release issued and signed by NPP executives in the constituency which has been sighted by, it accused the former Brong Ahafo Regional Minister of giving a false account of what actually transpired in the area indicating that he bent on smearing the image of the ruling party by tagging them as violent.

“The New Patriotic Party Directorate in Asunafo South have learnt with surprise the attributions coming to us from Hon.Eric Opoku regarding the attack at his residence on Easter Sunday. The NDC member of Parliament is attacking us for been behind the obnoxious act that was meted unto him.

The New Patriotic Party wants to state emphatically clear that, the NDC MP is peddling untruth, propaganda and seeks to just give a dog a bad name to hang it.

It’s a public knowledge that we in the NPP issued a communique to condemn the incident when it happened. Hon.Eric Opoku in his first interview when the incident happened said that the attack was by unknown armed robbers so why the sudden U-turn”, they asked.

Read full text below:


Prior to the 2016 elections, we promised the good people of Asunafo South that,we would bring peace and tranquility to the District if they are to vote us into power. We’ve done our utmost best to relish this promise we gave to the people.We are not going to betray the trust of our good people because of a megalomaniac like Hon.Eric Opoku.

This man is being haunted and hunted by his own shadows. Eric Opoku thinks that we are going to retaliate the atrocities and brutalities he meted out to us when he was the Deputy Brong Ahafo Regional Minister and subsequently substantive Brong Ahafo Regional Minister cum MP. Now Eric Opoku is trying to cling to a straw to court the sympathy of people. He is doing his best to rope in Hon.George Boakye and the party leaders of NPP in this constituency for been the cause of his misfortune.

Eric Opoku should know that if we are to retaliate what he did to us, he wouldn’t have find himself at where he is now. In fact he wouldn’t have had the temerity to stand on air and spew these lies as he is doing.

If we are to retaliate, we would have avenged the death of Kwame Nyame, a farmer and an evangelist of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, who was shot by Kwasi Adu on the 19th of July 2009 during a rampage at Sankore. The suspect was arrested under the bed of Eric Opoku who was then the Deputy Minister of Brong Ahafo Region.

If we are to retaliate, we would have sacked and beaten Prince Nyarko(Eric Opoku’s Aide),who is still working at the YEA office at the Asunafo South District Assembly, to the pulp since he personally assaulted and removed Hon.Osei Bonsu Snr, now DCE from his office as the NADMO Director then in 2009 when the NDC party won power.

If we’re to retaliate,we would have avenged what happened on July 3, 2015, when Eric Asubonteng(Driver of Hon.George Boakye) was severely beaten which resulted in he getting into coma by the thugs of Eric Opoku,with his items(money,iPhones) been stolen as well.He was hospitalized at the Green Shield Hospital at Sefwi Dwenase.

Similarly, on August 5, and 19, 2015, one Donyina Kwame, a teacher, and Albert Forkuo were attacked by the thugs of Eric Opoku but no arrest were made.

During the last voters registration exercise, Nii Lokko(NDC communication Officer) led a group of thugs by ‘saint’ Eric Opoku.These miscreants butchered NPP supporters in the constituency.NPP supporters especially at Noberkaw, Kukuom, Anwiam and typical pro NPP communities were beaten to the pulp and chased into the bush.

If we are to retaliate, we would have avenged the atrocity that was meted unto our Parliamentary Candidate 2016,Hon.George Boakye when 15 thugs of Eric Opoku besieged his home in the dead of the night on Thursday, 17 November,2016 with the sole aim of killing him. Had it not been the shout of his wife that ‘you have gotten what you wanted, he is dead now’ Hon.Boakye would have been killed and buried by now.

Where was the ‘angel’ in Eric Opoku when these crimes were committed by the thugs contracted by himself?

If Eric Opoku, MP, thinks that we are avenging his bad deeds, he should forget it because we don’t have time for him.

We ,the NPP Directorate of Asunafo South and our District Chief Executive, Hon.Osei Bonsu Snr are focused on helping H. E Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo to prosecute his transformational agenda of ‘Building Ghana Beyond Aid’ and won’t be distracted by the ugly noise that Hon.Eric Opoku is making.

These are only but a few of the atrocities Hon.Eric Opoku subjected us the good supporters of NPP in Asunafo South to during the NDC administration.

We would like to sign off here by admonishing Nii Lokko(NDC Communication Director, Asunafo South) to avail himself to the Police since they are on the look-out for him.

Thank You.Nana Aduse Poku

Communication Director, NPP Asunafo South

Yusif Bawa
Youth Organiser

Murtala Mohammed
Deputy Nasara Coordinator